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Church House, Llangurig

Church House, Llangurig

Llangurig parish has a modern up-to-date community centre which will be located in the Church House in Llangurig . A charity and committee have been established and regular meetings are being held. At time of writing applications for funding from numerous sources are being prepared to enable the refurbishment of the Church House. The committee have also visited other local community centres/halls to seek advice and guidance regarding the usage and funding of the halls. If anyone has any queries/suggestions please contact Kathryn Anstee Jones Kathryn.ansteejones@live.co.uk Further updates are planned to keep the community informed

National Lottery

121 CLUB Draw Results


July 2018

1st Anna Humphreys (Rhayader)

2nd Wendy Wigley (Llangurig)

3rd Shirley Davies (Cwm Belan)


June  2018

1st Sam Higgitt (c/o Llangurig)

2nd Marion King (Llangurig)

3rd Dafydd Jones (Llangurig)


May 2018

1st Clifford Jones (Llangurig)

2nd Mary  Davies (Llangurig)

3rd Maureen Squires (Rhondda)


April 2018

1st Ruth Griffiths ( Cwm belan)

2nd Kathryn Anstee Jones (Llangurig)

3rd John Stephens (Llangurig)





Latest Community Centre News

05-04-2016 at 2:36 PM

Successful Lottery Fund Bid

Llangurig Community Centre are pleased to announce that there has been a successful Big Lottery Fund Bid. Funding has been granted and that redevelopment of the Church House will commence later this year.
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